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Hibernation – Over!!!

If you have been following me, then you will have noticed that I haven’t written any new posts in a long, long time. As a matter of fact, it could be seen as unprofessional and downright lazy. In fact, I have been in a state of hibernation since closing the physical shop. Not sleeping all that time – but thinking, dreaming, considering possibilities and arriving at some decisions.

I love being Cow Jones – it is more than a shop (well, actually an e-commerce shop at this point). For me it is the identity that I have when I advocate for animals using fashion as a way into the conversation. And so not having a physical shop that allows for in-person opportunites has been difficult to come to terms with. In a sense, I have been in hibernation. But no more.

I might not be able to open another physical location right away -or possibly ever. But the online shop, the presence for animals the advocacy are all still there. I just have to get with the program a bit more – using Pinterest, being faithful to posting on FB and writing blogs – and engaging feedback from all of you – my wonderful, compassionate friends.

Happy Spring – keep dreaming, keep fighting the good fight, keep loving – and I’ll be right there with you.



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