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Pure Love


Our beloved dog, Marry, died suddenly and unexpectedly this past Friday. She was only 2 years old.  Her brief time with us was pure love.

 This is the season for giving. The best gift is love – and you know what? It doesn’t cost you a cent. Love freely, spread it around, encourage others to love. Give gifts that will help others – donate your time to sanctuaries and rescue groups. Play with your companion animals – and be in the moment when you do. You will be rich beyond your wildest dreams.


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Holiday Fun – Dressy!

This will be a short but sweet post with some ideas for a dressy (but not black-tie) holiday get together. There are some fantastic styles available from Mission Savvy – one of my favorites is this lovely Carrie Parry dress –

Carrie Parry dress

 Need a pair of heels to go with this? Check out the fabulous olsen Haus Galaxy style available on our site


Finish off the look with this fantastic clutch available at Compassion Couture

Reveal Clutch

Now – who said that vegan fashion is boring ?

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Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur

Cow Jones is having 2 specials during the month in December – the first is a one day sale on 12/10 (both in the shop and on the website). For those of you who can make it to the shop, there will be the most delicious chocolates ever from Lagusta’s Luscious of New Paltz. Any item that is not already marked down, wil be 20% off that day – lots of great gift ideas to choose from!

The second is a different type of special which will last the entire month of December.  We will donate 5% of gross proceeds from all sales during the month of December to the We Animals project. I can’t describe how amazed I am by this project and photographer/activist Jo-Anne McArthur who is also the human subject in the The Ghosts in Our Machine .

Jane Goodall’s words about Jo-Anne and her photos say it all:

“Powerfully disturbing. These images take us to dark and hidden places visited by only a few determined and courageous individuals like Jo-Anne McArthur. They reveal the secret practices that many people will not want to know about. For the animals’ sake, I beg that you will not only look but FEEL. For if we truly understand their suffering then, surely, we shall no longer condone it. And the heart warming images at the end of the book show us the road to compassion.”

I hope that you will take the time to look at the We Animals website. I’ll forewarn you that many of the images are beyond haunting. I can’t imagine where Jo-Anne finds the strength for this project but I am so grateful that she does.

 Tis the Season to show our gratitude.

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